1 Year Master’s Program in Canada. Here is all you want to know about it

Master's Program in Canada
Master's Program in Canada

Toronto:  Being a student is a tough job. Students’ life is full of nervousness and stress when it comes to deciding for themselves. The real challenge counts when it’s time to be progressive and life becomes more than just report cards. Many times, due to financial and time constraints students fail to take their respective subjects as a result they have to migrate abroad.

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For Example, in India, the study of medicine is literally expensive. That is the reason many of the students migrate to other cities and countries. As far as Canada, according to a statistical report by the Canadian Bureau of International Education, the country ranked 3rd with the highest percentage of students.

why Canada is the best for study?

Canada allows all international students to join their colleges without any discrimination. Students are fortunate enough to make themselves in as per the Canadian eligibility criteria. Many of you might be wondering why Canada?

  • Because Canada feels like home. It is the only country in the world that is enriched in cultural diversity and heterogeneous population.
  • Canada is popular for its excellent courses, and high-quality education at affordable prices.
  • They have top-notch universities and organizations around the globe that secure students’ bright futures.
  • Canada has a thriving student community that adds perks to the students in improving their skill set. The most important theme that this group runs is social interaction with different groups of people. 

As mentioned earlier, due to financial constraints many students have to satisfy less than what they deserve. Every student has the potential to achieve their dreams but due to other external factors, they are unable to achieve them. Many students dream of flying high and want to study abroad but time doesn’t permit them. After knowing this issue Canada has come on board to rescue students from this issue.

Time and finance are two key factors that can make or ruin your studies but Canada does not follow this theory. Instead, the respected Canadian government and education council started enrolling students in one-year master’s programs. This looks sorted.

Now, we will understand how these master’s programs will help the students in their further careers. What are the streams that they are covering in these courses? Are students really happy knowing about this opportunity? Let’s see

Yes, students are feeling heard. Canada stood 3rd in the degree programs, especially for international students. This course has a huge demand in the market and students are feeling overwhelmed. Tuition fees are comparatively more reasonable than that of any other English-speaking countries like the UK and the USA. Time and finance both issues have been carried down with this decision.

Canada has various featured universities in the cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec. As of today, over half a million international students are present in Canada in all these cities and this number is huge.

There are some popular master’s programs that students make themselves enroll in. They are:

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • International Business Management
  • Master in Finance
  • Master in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Master in Public Health.

How to take admission for 1-year master’s in Canada?

How to take admissions in 1-year master’s programs? Don’t worry, we have answers to that as well. The list of required criteria includes:

  1. The students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0
  2. Some universities might ask for the exams such as GRE and GMAT. Based on the bands earned, universities are giving admissions.
  3. Other universities also asked for attaching English proficiency certification via exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE.
  4. SOP and letter of recommendation are a must.

Here, we are sharing a list of top-notch universities that are providing 1-year courses with our readers. The universities are as follows University of Toronto, McGill University, The University of British Columbia, University of Montreal, University of Alberta, McMaster University, and the University of Ottawa. As per the QS world ranking they stand for 26, 27,46, 111,126, 140, and 230 respectively.

The cost of a master’s degree here is CAD 7000 to $28000 while the 1-year course cost is CAD 7000 to $20000. However, this 1-year master’s course is much more in the limelight than the normal one as it is time-saving and full of practical aspects.

In some Canadian universities, there are six months courses also available, that too has been successfully working in Canada. It is for the immigrants who have been there on work visas and wanted to enhance their skill set. It provides several practical aspects and training. It costs around CAD 2000.

Courses that are cost-effective, time-effective, and money-oriented should be valuable in any country but Canadian universities are having ample amount of streams that can make them work in giant companies of Canada such as Golder Associates, WSP Global Inc, Inc, Deloitte, StemCell Technologies Inc, IBM Canada Ltd., Ericsson Inc, iQmetrix CGI Group Inc, SAP America Inc. The average salary in CAD starts from 46k to 175K and more.

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Can I get PR after 1-year study in Canada?

Efforts and hard work matter a lot when a migrant starts working in their field of interest, some of them earn well and go back to their respective countries but some come with the idea of having PR. To be very honest, PR in Canada is relatively easier than in any other country.

That is why all over the world Canada has diversified talent. Many people are having doubts about how to get a PR after completing their respective degrees. We will share a tip here to make your burden less.

If you are thinking that studies will help you get PR, yes, it is partially right but it has been recommended to start working as an employee and contribute to the economy of Canada. It not only helps in building your experience but also improves your ranking or score of CRS while applying in the Express Entry Profile.

CRS is nothing but a Comprehensive Ranking System, the eligibility score is approximately 700. Apart from these courses and study is not enough you have to meet certain criteria to achieve PR for Canada. Once you meet the criteria you will not believe but it would be a life-changing attribute for you. PR is the most crucial yet most valuable document that makes you avail of various benefits. Before that, You have to at least;

  • Spend 2 years in Canada to maintain the PR status
  • You are eligible when you have been working or studying in Canada for 3 years out of 5.

In a nutshell, there are endless opportunities for you in Canada, the Land of Maple Leaf. If you have ever dreamt of moving abroad we must say Canada is the one place where you can feel homely. For students, for employees, and for becoming a PR things are sorted and comfortable. Canada always welcomes you to be a part of their economy.

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