Stepwise guide to get a student’s visa for Canada

Student's visa for Canada
Student's visa for Canada

Toronto: Nearly, 130,000 students enrol into Canadian Universities and Colleges every year. Canada beckons these students with open arms with high-quality education, multicultural exposure and an ample number of jobs, post their completion.

The academic institutions in Canada mainly focus on 3 aspects: research, scientific publications and international collaborations. If you intend to study in Canada in any  stream under these focused academic disciplines, then here are the things you should do.

Move to Canada

Explore your options

Select the University or College of your choice in Canada

Your selection might depend on the availability of the course, the province of your preference, the rating of the institution, fees structure, duration of the course, your eligibility, scholarship options and job opportunities for the course after completion. However, the first thing is to shortlist the institution you want to pursue your education in.

Get your acceptance letter

After you have picked the University or College of your choice, the next thing is to earn the acceptance letter from the University. Write to the University, apply for the program and get your acceptance letter. This is a very crucial document for your student visa application.

Find out whether you need a student’s visa

In certain cases listed below, you may not need a student visa.

  1. You may be doing a course which is 6 months or lesser
  2. You are a family member or staff of a foreign minister in Canada, accredited by the Department of foreign affairs
  3. You are a member of the foreign armed forces
  4. You are a citizen of another country but hold a registered Indian status in Canada    

Start your student visa application process

To apply for this study permit, you should do the following steps:

  1. Go to CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada and apply for a study permit online
  2. Submit the following documents which will be mandatory: Acceptance letter, institution details, proof of financial resources to complete the course, proof of no criminal record and proof of medical examination that you are in good health.
  3. If you have a family member having a work permit in Canada, you can get your study permit in just 2 weeks

Things you need to know about this study permit visa

  1. It will expire 90 days after your course completion
  2. You can extend your visa if your course extends, you want to pursue higher education or change your University
  3. These 90 days are given for you to explore the country, apply for a part-time or full-time job and to get a work permit visa
  4. With a work permit visa, you can stay and apply for Permanent Resident later

Get all these documents ready

 With all these documents in place, you can begin filling out the application form. 

  1. Make sure you have your photograph as per the Canadian immigration requirement. 
  2. Holding a letter of intent or statement of purpose is also important 
  3. A travel document for return to your country after course completion.
  4. Proof of financial resources for at least CAD 12000 per year to live and study in Canada
  5. Then pay the study permit fee of CAD 150 and have the receipt of payment

Language requirement to study in Canada

You need to complete any of the following examinations with the scores mentioned by the University as the eligibility score. The courses are  IELTS Academic, TOFEL iBT, PTE Academic or C1 Advanced. This is mandatory for all students who are not native English speakers and come from non-English speaking countries.

Biometrics will be requested

Once the application is submitted, you will be asked to submit the Biometrics, this will cost you around CAD 85. You need to fix an appointment at the local visa office with the letter sent by the immigration office and give your biometrics.

Move to Canada

Explore your options

Timeline to receive your student’s visa

It usually takes 20 calendar days to receive your visa. Direct streams get their work permits much more quickly. 

So, if you are a student aspiring to do your higher studies in Canada, we have given you the stepwise guide to applying for a Student’s Visa to Canada.

Febin Tom : REG Immigration is our preferred immigration expert for legal advice and representation with your application.

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