Wondering which sofa to buy? Here’s your complete guide to pick a sofa!

Complete guide to buy a sofa for home & office
Complete guide to buy a sofa for home & office

Toronto: I never knew sofas had all sorts of fancy names and a range of types till we furniture shopped for our new home. Based on the requirement and for which portion of your house or office you need a sofa, you can determine the type of sofa you need to buy.

You can either buy a sofa from a store as a readymade one, I mean a piece that is on display or you can ask the furniture store to customize a sofa for you. Some large retailers like J. Daniel Furniture Store in Toronto do customisation for all furniture, one of their best being altering the design of the sofa as per your taste and need.

The popularity of sofas grew humongously during the Victorian Era, during which people started to look out for comfortable pieces of furniture. Prior to this sofas weren’t popular, there were only standalone pieces of blocks for seating. Let me list below a few comfortable and functional sofa sets for both home and office use.

Sofas for homes:

There are many types of Sofas for homes, let’s look through the most popular top 5 styles of sofa in recent times that can add a lot of aesthetic value to your homes.

1. Sectional Sofa:

It fits elegantly to the twists and turns of the living room. This multi-piece sofa can be assembled in any configuration aesthetically as per your living room alignment and shape.

2. Chesterton Sofa:

This is another popular style that goes well with the current trend. It’s design was commissioned by Lord Philip Stanhope in the early 18th century. It was designed with the intent to make gentlemen sit upright in stylish furniture without wrinkling their outfit.

3. Lawson Sofa:

This type of sofa comes in various shades to match your interiors along with pillows or cushions of your choice. It is designed for comfort and you can move the cushions and adjust them to your body contour.

4. Mid-century modern sofa:

This Sofa is mainly suitable for small homes and for minimalistic approach. It is quite comfortable and can become the favourite piece of sitting lounge for people in the house.

5. English rolled arm:

This is the usual high back cushioned sofa that we see in most conventional homes. It generally comes with tight upholstery in geometric shapes and solid colors or floral patterns. Sometimes, it might look outdated for modern homes. Another sofa that looks very similar to this is the Bridgewater type with a slightly lower arm.

Apart from these, sofas come with wooden finish, convertibles, pull-out as beds and futons, recliners, divans, camelback, daybed and so on…Depending on the spacing in your house and your functional requirement you can ask the furniture store staff to show you various options or even customise it for you.

Sofas for offices

Unlike homes, people need sofas in offices for reception areas, executive cabins, and custom-built zones and for specific spaces. For office use people prefer single-seaters, twin-seaters and three-seaters. Office-leather sofas, steel-office sofas, office corner sofas, waiting area sofas, office-lounge sofas etc,.These are some of the popularly purchased office sofas which are in trend today.

To make your home and office space elegant, pleasant and comfortable for functional use, choose your sofas wisely to match your interiors. Also, bear in mind all the uses of the furniture before opting for the right design and size. Keeping all these parameters in mind before furniture shopping will make you decide on the right sofa design for your home and office.

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