Good News: Rise in jobs for International students in Canada!

jobs for International students in Canada
jobs for International students in Canada

Toronto: If you are an aspiring student planning to study in Canada or an International student in your final years of University in Canada or overseas, the job market in Canada offers you a fertile zone to land, study and settle-in. While the world is bracing for a series of viruses and ways to tackle its spread, there has been a phenomenal rise in the job scenario of Canada in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

A surge in the job vacancies is an indicator of the bounce back of a country’s economy, thus with careful analysis of all the trends in the placement world, experts say, Canada is on a progressive mode and is sure to be an abode of several International students.

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The top 5 sectors which reflected overwhelming labour requirement in the recent times included:

  • Healthcare & Social Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Administration
  • Food Services

To acquire jobs in these sectors the most needed skills for students involve the following:

  • Customer support – The ability to communicate with clients with empathy and attend to their needs politely and effectively
  • Administrative support- Being ready to handle the administration of the company by mail room handling, filing, timely response, review and follow-up and efficient at day-to-day coordination
  • E-commerce sales-Equip themselves in online sales which is a trillion dollar business. The need for sales professionals will never go outdated.Top skills required include analyzing sales data, personalized content and sales models and social media awareness.
  • Budgeting & Accounting-Managing revenue and outflows of a company is another crucial part of a business. Any accounting professional and students with finance background are essential for smooth running of any organization.
  • Project Management- Running any project within the stipulated times with timely deliverables and resource handling is also an art, there is a heavy need for such professionals all over Canada.
  • Repair- Correcting the flaws and managing the safe functioning of equipment by daily calibration, maintenance and service is one of the most needed skills in Canada.
  • Quality Control- Ensuring the quality of the manufactured product and process is essential to achieve customer satisfaction, increased sales and more profits, so professionals with Quality Control background are definitely a boon to any organization.

The provinces which showed a rise in job vacancies are:

  1. Ontario
  2. Alberta
  3. British Columbia
  4. Manitoba
  5. Schaketchwan
  6. Newfoundland
  7. New Brunswick

Statistics highlighting the growth in job vacancies

What experts say for the rise in Job Vacancies

Though there is a tremendous rise in the number of jobs vacant, experts say when it comes to recruitment, placement and even internships, local students are given first priority over International students. The reason being Canadian Education is given preference is that the employers feel students educated here are more critical in their thinking and more hands-on in their approach.

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When International students are not employed in any long-term job for a long tenure they get frustrated and leave the country. Thus, the experts say, if the International students develop more of their analytical thinking, become good listeners, effective communicators with good practical knowledge they can excel in the interviews and in the selection process.

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