JD the Canadian Malayalam Rapper makes people groove to his tunes

Jayadev (JD) Venugopal
Jayadev (JD) Venugopal

Toronto: Jayadev (JD) Venugopal is a passionate dancer from Kochi. All through his teens, JD actively participated in several dance battles in Kochi and won many accolades as a dancer. After his Masters in Human Resource & Marketing from Kochi in 2017, JD decided to move to Canada as a student. He planned to pursue his education in Research & Analytics from the Georgian College at Barrie Campus. 

After completing his program, JD joined the college as a research analyst at the Barrie Campus. While JD was working at the Barrie Campus, the sudden turbulence of Corona jolted the world. A lot of spare time behind locked doors made JD an ardent surfer of popular genres of music. After days of persistent listening, JD stumbled upon the creations of a South Indian Rapper – Hiphop Tamizha. This artist became his instant admiration, his artwork triggered JD’s dormant poetic skills. JD sat with a piece of paper and the ink in his pen began to craft works of literature. He discovered the inbred poetic prowess that he inherited from his dad.

As he activated his latent talent of writing masterpieces, he began to appreciate what a poetic genius his dad was. Yes, JD’s dad is a gifted Malayalam poet, who has scripted several beautiful works of excellence. Having said that, JD’s dive into the novel trend of penning rap lyrics is not a surprise but a destiny hidden for him that was realised off late.

JD consistently worked on his newly discovered skillset and has come up with 4 beautiful rap singles. His music revolves around diverse emotional expressions such as desire, relationships, friendship and beyond. He also created a beautiful Malayalam number to shield us against Corona. If this work of JD “Prapanjathin Thirichadi” is memorized by all and followed diligently, it could be a worldwide life-saver during the current pandemic. He also did a couple of choreography videos that went viral.

Initially, his mates scorned JD for his new ventures of rapping, but on seeing how JD’s initiatives took off, they had nothing to say but to applaud him with tight lips. JD is also a talented dancer who is well-versed with Zumba and many other unique styles of dance that can complement his work. His recent release “Ente Girl Sassy” with Tessa has won the hearts of many youngsters.

Though JD lives in Canada, his aspiration for the future is to be recognized as a Rapper in the Malayalam Music World. He has never forgotten his roots, his parents K N Venugopal & Usha Venugopal are proud of him and support him in all his endeavours. His brother in law Anosh P Viswambharan, sister Jayalakshmi Venugopal, nephew Devankitha Anosh who live in the Middle East also takes time to appreciate him for all his efforts. JD also aspires to direct short films and showcase his dance moves to the world in the future. To this young, creative and highly talented rap star & dancer, only the sky’s the limit, with opportunities flooding up his way.

Watch out for JD the rap star and his yet another inspiring album coming up in 2022! Subscribe, Watch, Enjoy & Like JD’s YouTube channel:

Contact JD @ +1 (705) 333-7405

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