The top 10 best pieces of furniture for first-time buyers

furniture for first-time buyers in Toronto
furniture for first-time buyers in Toronto

Toronto: The top 10 best furniture for first-time buyers.

1. A Bed That Will Last Forever

You’ll spend almost a third of your day in bed, so it should be comfy and well-made. Select the highest-quality option you can afford. After all, you’ll be keeping it for at least ten years. It’s important to remember that the most expensive bed isn’t always the greatest bed.

If you can’t afford a good bed right soon, consider renting an air bed. It’ll be delivered to your guest room later. Consider the appropriate size, hardness, and surface while purchasing for a bed.

2. A Place to Sit and Eat

Although most dining tables are round or rectangular, you might start with a square or round table that extends to seat additional people. With the leaves in place, your table may be able to fit through a doorway. You could acquire a plywood tabletop on top of a robust base and cover it with a colourful floor-length tablecloth before investing in a table.

3. Traditional Dining Chairs

Choose your dining chairs to make your eating space more attractive and colourful. They should be comfy enough for you to sit and talk with friends over a long meal. Although wooden chairs are less expensive, upholstered chairs are more comfortable.

You can always vary the look of an upholstered chair with a slipcover for seasonal embellishments. Armchairs are comfortable and can be brought into the living room when more sitting is required.

4. A Fantastic Sofa

Sofas are available in a variety of shapes, styles, fabrics, and price ranges. Choose the most cost-effective option. It will be your most significant upholstered piece, second only to a bed. Set your standards high with a strong oak frame, 8-way hand-tied springs, and stylish, long-lasting fabric.

Cushions with a loose back look more relaxed, yet tight-backed sofas require less upkeep. You won’t have to continually straightening and arranging your pillows. You must choose the length, arm form, skirt or no skirt, number of cushions, plain or patterned fabric, down or synthetic cushions, and so on.

5. A Chest of Drawers is number five on the list

A chest of drawers can be used to store supplies and linens in the bathroom, clothes in the bedroom, games, CDs, books, or office supplies in the living room, or scarves, gloves, and hats in the hallway or entry. Choose an item that is both timeless and adaptable.

6. A Multi-Functional Armoire

When it comes to organising clothes, linens, storing items, or hiding a television, nothing beats an armoire. It’s one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture you can buy, and it can be used to bring elegance and storage to practically any area in your home.

7. Nesting tables and side tables

At estate sales, you can often find unique side tables. Alternatively, you can purchase new items. They can be moved around the room to make place for drinks, food, periodicals, and books. A coffee table can be made up of a set of small tables.

Next to a bed, a little table is useful. To save space, nesting tables can be stacked and spread out as needed. To add interest, choose tables with wood, metal, or glass tops.

8. A footstool or ottoman

An ottoman is a padded stool that can be tiny or huge. They work well as a footrest but may also double as a coffee table. Purchase a set to use together or separately, or purchase one and add a large tray on top. Choose a strong fabric or leather for the cover because you’ll be putting your feet on it.

9. Lamps and Lighting

Overhead lighting in small older houses is often harsh. Install dimmer switches on all wall switches, and install floor or table lamps near the chairs. For a pair of tables, a pair of lamps is appropriate. Bedside lamps that are installed on the wall are fantastic.

Choose a sheer cloth lampshade for extra light or a metal lampshade to direct the light upwards or downwards. Professional installation may be required for overhead track lighting and can lights. Make sure you have enough bulbs.

10. Beds for visitors

Apart from having guests sleep on the floor on pillows, there are a few options for guests. In the living room or family room, a couch bed can accommodate both seating and sleeping. Invest in a nice mattress. Consider getting a decent quality air bed if you need more sleeping space. They rapidly inflate and deflate when needed.

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