5 eye-opening facts on how to choose your dining room furniture

dining room furniture
dining room furniture

A dining room may not be as key as a living room or bedroom. And yes, most small spaces don’t even have an entire room dedicated to fine dining room furniture. However, whether you have a formal dining room, a small breakfast nook, or a few chairs propped up against your counter top, a good dining room furniture is essential for a mouth-watering meal. If you’re going to have a dedicated dining space, you might as well make sure it’s well-stocked with a good dining room furniture.

To help, we asked a few interior designers about the items everyone needs to buy for their dining spaces. Here are these experts advises to buy great dining room furniture

1. Begin to buy dining room furniture from scratch

Decorating a dining room from scratch? Start off with a dining room table, of course. After all, your dining room furniture is for dining, so you need a sturdy surface to enjoy those meals. While dining room tables are available in plenty of sizes, styles, and materials, it’s important to find an option that works with your day-to-day routine, not just a fancy dinner party.

“Just because you want the option to seat 10 doesn’t mean you need a 10-seat table on the daily”, says the interior designer. Use extendable tables to hit your entertaining goals without sacrificing space on the day to day. If you’re looking for a dining room table that can withstand the test of time, use a rectangular option says another interior designer.

Consider a square dining table if the proportions are right for your room, said one prudent designer.

2. Dining room furniture looks the best with right chairs

Unless you prefer to eat all your meals standing, it’s virtually impossible to enjoy your dining room table without a great set of chairs. But what type of dining chairs are you supposed to buy? Well, it depends on your aesthetics of your home.

The chairs can be neutral or they can have the ‘wow’ factor. It all depends on your design scheme. Mix and match the chair design and/or style when it makes sense for the space. They don’t always need to be matchy-matchy. said one top designer.

No matter which style you choose, it’s important to choose some chairs that are actually comfortable. Choose a chair with enough cushion in the seat so that your guests can enjoy the evening.

3. How & when to choose the rug as a part of the dining room furniture

A rug seems like a silly essential especially if you’re prone to spilling a glass of wine or a heaping plate of pasta that’s drenched in marinara sauce. But, as top notch designers argue, it’s integral for a dining room.

People often look at us like we’re crazy when we suggest an area rug in a dining room, but grounding the space with a floor covering is essential in a dining room. It’s even more critical in an area with a wood floor and a wood dining table, there needs to be some separation between the two wood surfaces; otherwise, you have a very stark and bare setting. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect rug for your space, it’s a good idea to shop with durability in mind. Always look at an indoor/outdoor rug for their dining room due to the ease in cleaning. Look for rugs which guarantees the rug was made ethically and sustainably.

4. How to pick the cabinet for your dining room

Whether you want to keep Grandma’s china safe or have a surplus of wine bottles, it’s a good idea to add some extra storage to your space.

Find a cohesive credenza, cabinet, or hutch where you can store tableware to avoid any time lost in the back and forth from the kitchen. You can also place dishes on the storage piece during meals to save room for more important items, like many, many bottles of wine. You can also place dishes on the storage piece during meals to save room for more important items, like many, many bottles of wine.

Concerned your dining space is too small for extra storage? Don’t worry, there are plenty of storage solutions to go around. A console table or buffet is a great way to make your dining room feel more complete, and hide away china, dishes, and seasonal pieces.

5. Perfect light to enhance your dining room furniture

Chances are, you’re going to spend a lot of time in your dining room after the sun sets, so it’s important to find a great lighting fixture that fits your space. No dining room furniture is complete without a good lighting fixture.

Now, the only thing left to decide is which type of lighting you’ll choose. Well, there are some great ideas. Ambient lighting and artful sconces are a must-needed layer in the dining room, especially if you don’t have the ceiling height for a chandelier. So, choose the right dining room furniture using these tips to make your home look awesome.

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