Stay put with dogged determination and fortitude, that’s how I dealt with my career predicament says Jithin Das, a renowned realtor

Jithin Das

London: Just imagine the scenario that you are ready to reach the final stage of entry into a job you have dreamed of since a very young age and at the eleventh hour a crisis strikes unexpectedly and you slip it between cup and lip. Needless to say, it will be a hell of experience to cope with. No doubt it will be a heartbreaking experience for most of us. Jithin Das who hails from Kozhikode and now settled in London, Ontario has a similar story of coming back from such a very difficult situation with mental strength and hard work and attained many notable achievements in his domain. Jithin Das was very active in NCC from class VIII to degree. He had participated in a number of National Integration Camps and Trekking Camps, including the NCC Republic Camp in Delhi. In fact, it was when he was active in such camps that Jithin Das’s desire to work in the Army came to his mind.

Jithin Das has been a hard worker since his college days. He earned his living by working part-time while pursuing a degree in finance. Jithin Das, who was active in NCC training camps with a lifelong desire to join the Indian army , almost achieved that goal. But the reversal of the verdict was unexpected. He had to undergo an emergency knee surgery during the tests for a job in the Army. As a result, he lost his job in the army because he could not take part in fitness tests. Jithin Das says it took him more than a year to cope with losing his job in the army, which he dreamed of even while dining and sleeping. According to him, It was one of the most frustrating times in his life. It was at that time, a close friend of him persuaded Jithin Das to study MSW and then move to Australia. As per this, Jithin Das started studying MSW in Coimbatore.

Due to his keen interest in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, Jithin Das also started doing MBA at the same time. After completing both courses, he returned to Kozhikode and joined the financial industry as a sales manager. Around the same time, he was working in a part-time job as a social worker at Shanthi Bhavan in Kozhikode. From his experience during his studies, Jithin Das became interested in the lifestyle in Australia and started trying to immigrate there. He learnt that those who work in the social work sector have the opportunity to immigrate to Canada as well. Meanwhile, he tied the knot with Anju Jithin in 2010. When finally he got a chance to move to Canada in 2011, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in Jithin Das‘s life.

The early days in Canada were really tough for him. But Jithin Das, who was accustomed to the harsh living conditions, did not give up. While working for a meager salary as a construction worker, Jithin Das had a lot of dreams about a better future. Life got a little better in 2013 when he got a job at the Canadian Mental Health Association in London, Ontario. While pursuing a career in mental health association, he worked hard to cross the qualifying exam threshold to become a realtor. As the famous saying “where there is will there is a way”, after a few years of hard work Jithin Das got his license to become a realtor. His experience in sales and marketing and work experience in Toronto as a construction worker was the true base for opting a career in real estate because no other job was matching his profile. Jithin Das‘s first brokerage was Century 21 First Canadian Corp and afterwards his friend and mentor Mr. Sam opened a brokerage called Sam Singh realty Inc and invited him to join as his partner. Jithin Das says he is proud of the days when he decided to fight despite losing his job in the army. “A bend in the road is not the end of the road… Unless you fail to make the turn.” Jithin Das realizes with his life how true Helen Keller’s words are.

Jithin Das, a Kozhikode resident, has not changed his hospitality a bit despite living abroad. It is this warm hospitality that makes Jithin Das one of the partners of Mint Leaf, an Indian restaurant. His wife Anju Jithin and children, always keep supporting him in all of his endeavors. Jithin Das‘s wife Anju is an Ontario certified teacher who worked at London district Catholic school board & owner of Anju’s aesthetics. Due to 3 kids at home and online classes, she has now taken a break from both jobs. His son Poppy is studying in fourth grade and Babli is in first grade. The youngest son, Chiki, is just one and a half years old. There is a great lesson to be learned from Jithin Das for all those who are exhausted in life due to continuous failures. Do not give up when you face severe setbacks and unexpected failures in life. Keep fighting with increased vigor and fortitude. One day definitely you will rise like a phoenix bird resurrecting from the ashes, similar to Jithin Das‘s life story.

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