‘In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity’ says Shinu Arun, a doctor turned successful entrepreneur


Brampton: Have you ever heard of those kinds of people who see the best of their opportunities even when many things go wrong around the world? The ones who find light at end of all darkest tunnels? This time we are going to introduce that kind of a brilliant woman and her strong pillars of support, her family to you. Let’s hear the amazing story of Shinu Arun who is a doctor turned successful entrepreneur who is making her throne in Canadian Media industry with her creative brilliance and catchy ideas. Applause to the lady who proved that In the midst of crisis, lies the greatest opportunity ever! So, let’s see what her success tale is!

In early 2020, Corona epidemic hit globally, and the world stood still. Many industry leaders went through a sudden set back, so many lost their lives, their dreams and in short, the world has been going through the darkest puzzling times ever. Shinu Arun’s story began just like every normal individual in Kerala. Shinu Arun was a brilliant student during her academic years and she at the same time excelled as a versatile artist in classical dance and creative writing. The dancer cum writer took her academic journey to medical school and there started her journey as a Homeopathic doctor. Shinu Arun got married to Arun Aniyan in 2011 and moved to Canada in 2016 with her beautiful family of her husband and her angelic daughter, Vedika.

If you have observed the creative geniuses in the world, they never settle for a 9 to 5 job. They will always find their way to fulfil their creative soul. Unlike the normal traits of migrated newbies in Canada, Shinu Arun made her footprints in event management by well executing events for Canadian Cochin Club. She became a known name, and her artistic skillset made her standout in every event she took on. Her unquenchable desire for art and creatives, inspired her to unfold many artistic venues of Malayali community despite of her busy schedule in Insurance company where she works. Even though there was a setback during Covid 19 which gave a big pause for artistic activities and gatherings held by various communities, Shinu Arun kept thinking how she can reach out to her favorite humans and continue to add colors to their life. There comes the biggest turning point in her life and that’s how Ente Canada, Canadian Malayali’s favourite social media entertainment platform was born. Ente Canada is all about information and entertainment, your daily dose of Malayali as Shinu Arun says. Ente Canada has become an infotainment platform taken over by the entire Malayalee community in Canada. The acceptance and love people showered was overwhelming.

Feather in her cap is not limited to Ente Canada. Success journey continues as creative head for Aaha Media Corporation, which is the popular radio initiative run by her husband Arun Aniyan and his partner Leju Ramachandran, handing both Aaha Prime 1350 AM and Aaha Radio 91.9 FM channels. There is no single Malayali in Canada who isn’t touched by the entertainment waves from both Ente Canada and Aaha Radio and she humbly thank God for blessing her with the best opportunities she has got to have a permanent place in a Common man’s heart. Shinu Arun says “I believe as a doctor, moreover as a true artist; I want to touch ones’ heart and make it happier.” She also tries to showcase talented artists in all these platforms and continues to enlighten the artist in them with her magical charm. Her dreams are strongly backed by her husband Arun Aniyan who is Co-owner of Aaha Radio and Ente Canada. He is also a renowned sales professional with Bell Canada and her 9-year-old budding artist, her lovely daughter Vedika. As ‘Ente Canada’ and ‘Aha Prime’ are gaining more popularity among the Malayalee community by spreading the joy of laughter and insightful thoughts, we wish her all the success and happiness in the world she undoubtedly deserves. More power to you, young lady! You are true inspiration to many!

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Written by Team SC

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