Unplanned roads lead to some fantastic destinations in life, proved Aparna Rajan

Aparna Rajan
Aparna Rajan

Toronto: Sometimes, life unfolds some beautiful chapters for us that all our plans for the future fail to match up. Everything we have planned and desire to do to create a stable life and career takes precedence over what life has in store for us in the days ahead.

Something like that happened with Aparna Rajan, a civil engineer cum dancer from south India. Now a sensation and one of the most loved dancers on Instagram, she also used to be a regular girl.

Her story inspires every girl or boy with talent that no time is late, and the moment you decide to start doing what you love is perfect, neither early nor late.

Let’s look back to the old days of Aparna Rajan and how she became the social media sensation she is nowadays.

Aparna Rajan was born and brought up in south of India, the home of the country’s rich art and cultural heritage, Trivandrum, Kerala. In her school time, she was not only a bright student who used to do the best in academics but also was always enthusiastic about participating in dancing and cultural activities.

Her talent was not just confined to one field. She was equally brilliant in sports, where she used to participate in 100 and 200 relay skipping. Her talent and hard work shined bright when she secured the sports champion in the school-level sports competition till10th standard.

Though she had never learned dancing professionally, nor had she ever joined any academy, the talent of dance flowed in her veins. Like every other teenage kid in India, she also used to shake her legs to the song beats, and that was her early foundation in learning dance.

In 2016, for higher studies, Aparna joined PRS engineering college in her hometown, Trivandrum, where she chose to study civil engineering. Life was going as simple and regular as it could be. She met the love of her life, Nandu Chandran, in her college.

After completing her education, Aparna had to move to Dubai for her job. She chose Dubai for her job because she wanted to stay close to her family. She started her career as a Quantity surveyor and continued doing her job until 2019. Since she always had a keen interest in art and participation, she participated in ‘Vanitha’ magazine’s cover girl contest in 2019 in Dubai and became the second runner up in the competition.

In the year 2020, in the presence of her father C. Rajan, mother Bindu O.G., brother Rahul R.B, and close friends and family, she tied the knot with her soulmate and love, Nandu Chandran.

After marrying Nandu, Aparna moved to Canada in August 2021. Since she had left her job in Dubai, she had a customer care agent job when she moved to Canada. After searching and hustling for a year, she finally bagged a field job in Canada in 2022.

Things were going smooth until and unless the Nobel Covid virus attacked the world and people started getting trapped in the four walls. When the world had stopped working, there was enough time for everyone to think and know about themselves.

Aparna also found something that used to engage her in stressed environments all around the globe. She started focusing on her dance once again. She used to dance, record, and post it on social media without knowing how this one source of self-engagement is going to change her life completely.

Like the fire in the forest, videos of her marvelous dance moves started getting viral on social media. People started noticing and appreciating her fantastic and smooth dance moves. Soon, she became a sensation and began collaborating with some big names in the Canadian entertainment industry. Till now, Aparna Rajan has collaborated with Instagram influencers like Sonia Francis and Sarah.

When asked about her interests and dreams, she shared that she loves to dance with her friends and dreams of traveling to all corners of the world.

Now that Aparna Rajan is trending everywhere on social media and getting all the love and appreciation from her fans from India and Canada, she has become a big name in the Canadian entertainment industry. She has made guest appearance in a music video. She showed interest in working in more music videos because of her passion and love for dance.

It was the story of Aparna Rajan, a simple girl who rose from a small city in Kerala, India, and now only on the foundation of her talent and hard work, she has found her feet in a completely new place for her, Canada. She is a living example that you should stick with what you truly value, regardless of how favorable or challenging the circumstances may be. Brush up on your talent and show the world that if you have real talent and a burning desire to succeed, nothing can stop you, just like Aparna, who emerged and sparkled at a difficult time.

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