Ashme Aranmulethu: Now Jeep-ing Success through Youtube, Podcasts & Traveling

Ashme Aranmuleth
Ashme Aranmuleth

Toronto: YouTube, Instagram or Podcasting seems to be a waste of time for many people across the world. But, if taken with a positive intent, these platforms can help you grow to limits unknown. Ashme Aranmulethu, a popular Youtuber and Podcaster has made it possible to reach heights of success through these streaming channels.

The only child of Mr. P David Baby and Mrs. Sherly Gorge, Ashme was born and raised in Pathanamthitta in Kerala of India. She was a bright student throughout her academic life with a highly apprehending approach towards Arts and Sports. She was actively involved and got good recognition in student politics as well.

Her outstanding performance in studies and elite endowments in the fields of Arts and Sports impressed everyone around her. She received great applause and appreciation from her family, friends and relatives. Her parents deemed her to be one of the most eligible candidates for the Civil Services Examinations – the most coveted government job competitive examination in India.

Ashme certainly has the talent and merit to crack the toughest competitive examinations, but, instead of national, she chose to earn international fame. She reached very close to this ambition of hers when she reached Canada in 2017.

Ashme started to showcase her talent over Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube from the time she was in the 11th grade. But after completing her higher secondary examinations, she moved to Canada for higher studies. She studied Business Management from Fanshawe College, London, Canada. After completing her course, now she is handling Managerial Roles in a leading Canadian Electrical Firm.

However, amidst all these, she is still in her quest to fulfil her parents dream that we talked about earlier. She is pursuing a distance learning course on Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from India to write for the Civil Service Examinations. She is already a recognised YouTuber and Podcaster, but still she is persistent in meeting up her parents’ expectations.

The popularity of Ashme in the viral media has opened doors to her invitations for casual talks and interviews. Her podcasts are popularly followed by listeners on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. Check out the latest Spotify Onam Episode of Ashme with Lady Big Boss Winner Dilsha Prasannan.

Nowadays, she is one of the iconic participants of leading programs like fashion shows and contests of ORUMA. ORUMA is the Ontario Region United Malayalee Association. There is another thing you should know about her – she is mad for cars. She preserved her madness by gifting herself her dream car – the Jeep Wrangler. Strikingly, she is the one of very few Indians to have her Jeep’s number plate in her state’s name.

With a great number of followers over Instagram, Ashme is open for collaborations. She is active and enthusiastic enough to boost her growth in collaboration with like-minded enthusiasts. The YouTube channel of Ashme speaks loudly that she can be a part of various types of entertaining or illustrative videos for social media platforms. able to come across various types of videos that includes lifestyle in Canada, guide videos for Indians in Canada, personal achievement videos, competition videos etc.

This was the eventful tale of a highly successful lady – Ashme Aranmulethu and we are confident enough that the clouds of ultimate glory is not far from her horizon. To get inspired from such influential and confident personalities,do follow the Youth Star columns of Swagatham Canada.

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