Vishnusagar Vijayan: A versatile photographer with high ambitions and big goals

Vishnusagar Vijayan
Vishnusagar Vijayan

Toronto: Capturing memories is the best yet the most challenging skill to achieve. But once you get the skill right, it becomes life’s ambition.

Something like this happened with Vishnusagar Vijayan. Vishnusagar Vijayan is a young man famous for his unique photography skills in Canada.

Until the age of 15, Vishnusagar indulged in reading and photography. Without realizing how this fantasy world captivated him, he developed the likeness of photography. It gave him the vision to cut the frames as beautifully as he had imagined.

This thirst to do his best in photography and show the world a different frame of all that is in the surroundings increased.

Now, Vishnusagar Vijayan is one of the best photographers in Canada of Indian origin. He has proved his skill and is still striving to make the best of his art.

Let’s learn something more interesting about Vishnusagar and his art.

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Early life

Born & brought up in Thrissur- the cultural capital of Kerala, India. His mother’s name is Jaya, and his father is Vijayan. With one sibling named Gokul Krishna Vijayan, his childhood was happy.

Till the age of 15, Vishnusagar was only into reading books. Being an extreme reader, he was very imaginative in the stories he read in his childhood. That was the very first time when he got an interest in photography. He started using the fantasy world he had created to add elements to his photography. 

Though no one in the family was into the photography profession, Vishnu was born with a talent for photography. Initially, when he recognized his talent, he started shaping art. So, he worked part-time in wedding shoots, family gatherings, and other fun shoots.


After completing his early education, he pursued a B.Sc. in Computer Science from St. Aloysius College, Thrissur, Kerala. After completing his graduation, he moved to Canada in 2016. He got himself admitted to the course of Photography at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

With time, his talent got its best shape. When in college, he participated in a photography “Image Contest” competition. There, he bagged first place in both portrait and landscape photography. This win was huge. Because this was the very first time in the history of the college when someone won the first prize in both categories. At that time, Vishnu got his utmost appreciation for his talent.

Professional Life

Even when Vishnusagar was studying, he worked part-time. The company he worked for was Diamond Digital Production, a leading photography company in London, Ontario. There also Vishnusagar shot the wedding photographs.

After the course, he joined a company named Picture Day Photography in London, Ontario. This company dealt with sports and sports team photography. It was a huge learning exposure for Vishnusagar.

There he got the opportunity to cover photography for the sports like Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Sheer, Gymnastics, Ringette, etc. While working with this company, Vishnu got to travel all across Canada.

Achievements in Photography

It was the best phase in Vishnu’s professional life. In 2019, he got an opportunity he couldn’t say no to. It was a chance to capture the Volleyball nationals of Canada. The event went on in the Enercare centre for seven days. So many prominent personalities from the world of photography were there. Vishnu got an appreciation for his work from some bet in the business as well as the management of the game.

In September 2019, Vishnusagar joined the Ford Dealership in London, where he worked on many intriguing photography projects.

Vishnusagar is known as the “London Malayali’s Favourite Photographer.” But the journey has not ended here.  

As they say, a true artist is never satisfied with his art and works hard for more perfection. Vishnu, being a true artist, craves more perfection. From 2016 onwards, he has been doing photography internships.


Now that he has reached the apex of photography, Vishnu wants to open studios and workshops to pass on his talent to his students. Currently, he is selling his one-of-a-kind pictures captured on NFT platforms. It is the place to showcase the talents of highly skilled and professional photographers.

Being a follower of Mario Testino, a boon to the photography field, Vishnu wants to become the best in the business. He wants his name to be on the top of the best photographers in the world.


Once you recognize your true passion and goal for life, life becomes easy. Being a clear mind about what one needs to achieve in life is the source of happiness. Vishnu has that one goal and knows how to pave his path to serve the world with his art.


Q1. Which is the one area Vishnu loves in photography? 

Ans: Vishnusagar finds Fashion , Fantasy and Portrait photography more interesting than all.

Q2. Was his family supportive of him in his career at the early stage? 

Ans: Unfortunately, not. But once they know what Vishnu can do, they feel proud of him.

Q3. Where does Vishnu currently work? 

Ans: Vishnusagar, in the present day, works in Canada.

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