Chasing your dreams always takes you to your desired destination, proved Gouthamy Rekha.

Gouthamy Rekha
Gouthamy Rekha

Toronto: “All your dreams come true only if you have the courage to pursue them.” Gouthamy Rekha, a South Indian girl by origin, now experiencing her dream life in Canada, is a living example of this saying. Passionate about serving people, Gouthamy Rekha was always into medicine and equally talented in other activities such as singing, arts, modeling, henna design and so on.

Gouthamy was never hesitant to make the decisions that led her to the place she is now. Let’s see how a girl from a town in South India is now winning everyone’s hearts in Canada with her service and singing.

She was born in Kottayam, Kerala of South India, a state with rich culture and art. Gouthamy is the only child of her parents Suresh Kumar and Rekha. They always loved and adored her, but this love never distracted her from what she wanted from her life.

Gouthamy Rekha completed her fundamental schooling till 10+2 in her hometown. Later on, to pursue her graduation, she shifted to Ernakulam, Kerala, where she studied Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Amritha College.

During her school and college days, Gouthamy Rekha was active in art, sport, and singing. Along with doing her best in academics, Gouthamy achieved glory in karate and won the black belt.
Showcasing her enthusiastic nature and unmatchable talent, she participated in many programs during college and got appreciation along with many prizes. Gouthamy participated in Inter-college competitions as well.

Being a lover of art and culture and having a dream of exploring the world, she decided to move to Canada for her higher studies. Since she was an only child, it was not easy for her to leave behind all the love and pampering and start a new life in a new country on her own. It was nothing less than a challenge for her. But as we spoke about her before, Gouthamy Rekha never took her feets back no matter how challenging the situation was.

In 2015, Gouthamy Rekha moved to Canada. Right after reaching here, she enrolled in Post graduation diploma in business management and health administration course from the North lights college , BC, Canada, from 2015- 2017.

Since she was always a bright student, that charm did not fail even in the college of Canada, and Gouthamy passed with flying colors.

For a person, that too a student for that matter, starting a new life from scratch in a new country, among new faces, it was important for Gouthamy to be financially independent. She was always hardworking and ready to take on challenges. Rather than living on her parent’s finances, Gouthamy decided to care for her expenses. She worked Part time in Walmart of Canada as a cashier at first and later on as a Store manager in 2020.

After days and nights of working hard, Gouthamy finally achieved what she considered her life’s biggest goal. She became a registered nurse in Canada. Once Gouthamy completed her RPN, she decided to move to Pickering, Ontario.

When finally her dream career came true, it was time for Gouthamy to find someone who could walk through the rest of her life besides her and be there for her through every thick and thin of life. She found her soulmate in Nithin. Nithin, too, is a south-Indian boy and a Nuclear engineer by profession. In the presence of both their family and friends, they tie the knot in the year 2021.

Though Gouthamy dedicated her life to serving people’s health by being a nurse, singing is something she finds peace in. Like every talented person, she took her talent to social media and started entertaining herself and her followers with her soothing singing.

Soon with her melodious voice, Gouthamy got so many people following her and admiring her art. If you also want to feel her soothing melodies, you must explore her Instagram page called canmallugirl__travelgram. On her page, you will not only get to listen to her soothing voice but also get to know many fitness tips, travel tips, photoshoots, face paintings, henna designs and so on.

Along with being a brilliant nurse and singer, Gouthami is also a social welfare worker and active in various community programs. Whether it be presenting social messages and awakening society with her singing ability or creating an informative vlogger where she writes and tells people about these programs and how they will help society reform.

It was the story of Gouthamy Rekha, a nurse, singer, vlogger, humanitarian, and most importantly, a kind human being. Your story, too, can come here, provided you follow your dream and make that dream impact society in a way that brings positive and remarkable changes. Chase your dream, and you never know; one day, people will be reading your story too.

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