Janany Maria Antony in Canada Exemplifies How Perseverance for Passion Surely Leads to Success


Toronto: Janany Maria Antony, or Janany, is an India-born expat in Canada who settled in the mainland in 2016. Born in Kerela, this young achiever made her presence in the South Indian Film Industry with flying colors, and is continuing the same now in Canada. It is not that the geographical borders are standing high in the path between Janany and her success, but her perseverance and love for acting is clearing all hurdles.

If you are an expat, you already know, and if not, you can understand that there are always some constraints to settle and shine in a new place. It can be linguistic approach, cultural differences or sometimes, maybe indifferences in the thought process of people of the new place. But all these challenges fell apart in front of the passion and dedication of Janany towards acting.

In 2011, she participated in a reality show “Vivel Active Fair Big Break” in Surya TV and reached the final stages, but could not complete the rounds due to her academic examinations. Acting was surely something that tingled her senses the more, but her charisma was adored by two beauty pageant titles as well. She was Miss Kerela 2014 finalist and managed to bag the “Miss Beautiful Hair” title in the award ceremony. We should take a note that Janany achieved all these even before completing her engineering course, and this presents her to be a young achiever.

Janany, a Computer Engineer from Puducherry (earlier Pondicherry), made her debut in a Malayalam film “Vaadamalli” as a supporting actress in 2011. Directed by veteran Alberrt Antoni, this movie was a great hit. Always being a spectacular and outstanding performer since her school days, Janany carried on her journey of achievements in India. In her early years, she was a district level Kalathilakam, which is a title given to winners of performing arts.

She also caught the attention and lens focus of famous Fashion and Lifestyle magazines like Vanitha and Grihalakshmi. Janany was an active part of various photoshoots and magazine shoots of these magazines as lead model.

Janany also earned fame as an actress in daily soaps and serials in India. In 2014, she won a lead role in an Indian Malayalam Television Series “Ennu Swantham Koottukari”. This television series gathered good fame and popularity in households and lasted for 158 episodes. Furthermore, in 2015, Janany starred against Malayalam superstar Suraj Venjaramoodu in a comedy-drama movie “Female Unnikrishnan”.

So one may wonder, that in spite of being so popular and successful in India, what made her land in Canada? As natural is the question, so is the answer. The major reason was the wish of her parents. Another supporting reason was a Blockbuster movie “Jani ” which, although shot in 2015, after her Miss Kerela title, got delayed in release. The movie was released in 2017 after she reached Canada.

A classy and award winning dancer, successful actress and charismatic performer, Janany, never compromised with her academics or job either. As mentioned earlier, she did her Computer Science Engineering and henceforth completed her Post Graduation in Information Technology. Now she is working as a Project Manager and Scrum Master in a leading IT Company in Canada. She is also aspiring to integrate PMP qualifications in her IT skills. Alongside, she gave equal preference to her passions as well. In 2021, she bagged the Ms Perfect 2021 Malayali Vanitha North America title.

Now let us go through her expat journey. After she reached Canada, things were very different and she did face challenges in settling down smoothly here. She had very few friends and no acquaintances that made her feel lonely. To break this solitude, she started demonstrating her talents over social media through Instagram and TikTok that really caught the attention of audiences. Now she was no more alone.

Thanks to Social Media and hats off to the spirits and talent of Janany of using the platform in such a creative way to come out of her loneliness. Her presence in Social Media is highly influential. Just for instance, she has 26.7K followers over Instagram that is growing rapidly. She also acted in a short Malayalam Movie this year, titled, “Shalabha”. This fantasy fiction movie has received more than 100K views over YouTube within a couple of months of its release and posting over the platform. This documentary got an official nomination in the New Wave International Documentary Short Film Festival.

Janany has a very pleasant and successful personal life as well. She is married to Sharon Joseph who works in a leading Motor Vehicle Manufacturing company in Ontario, Canada as an Assistant Quality Manager. Janany is receiving continuous support from her husband and in-laws in pursuing and sticking to her passions.

Be it magazines, television series, documentaries, movies or social media, Janany has covered all the realms marking her presence. Ever since she stepped into acting in 2011, till now, in these 11 years, her life experienced a great transition, i.e., her moving from India to Canada. But this never stood as a hurdle in practicing her passion towards acting. As we all know, “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”, she is receiving a full family support that can make us wait for some spark on the silver screen featuring Janany Maria Antony.

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