Ontario Heroes invites you all to be a part of the Heroes Fest 2022 !

Heroes Fest 2022
Heroes Fest 2022

Toronto: Heroes Fest 2022, is an awesome one of a kind hosted by Ontario Heroes, a well-known volunteer driven social services organization that unites students and professionals of diverse sectors under its banner. This event will include components such as:

  1. International students meet
  2. Various sessions related PR, student visa and work permit
  3. Volunteer appreciation awards
  4. Celebration of cultural diversity through Dance Music & Magic shows
  5. Kids Fun Activities – Bouncing Castle, Bowling, Face Painting and Balloon
  6. Ontario Heroes App Launch and much more

Ontario Heroes works diligently with a motive to celebrate humanity and to reassure people that our kindness matters!

The pivotal objective of the Ontario Heroes is to have a platform of people with diverse skills in Healthcare, Legal and Social Services. The professionals from this platform are at any point in touch with the common fellow citizens who require these services. Precisely, Ontario Heroes intends to integrate people from all over Canada to foster a bonded relationship and to offer them the needed services under its banner.

This is a pro-bono service platform where the movers and shakers will be the common members of this social service sectoral organization. It works with the motive to Give, Share and Build a society for harmonious living. The commitment of the Ontario Heroes’ founders speaks more of its mission and vision. They strive to contribute to the community as volunteers, celebrate cultural diversity and synchronize its harmony, thus creating global peace with their ongoing initiatives.

Canada is a land of Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic populations. It is historically known for its peace and harmonious camaraderie. This selfless team leads the vision of Ontario Heroes, presenting the community with opportunities to connect with professionals of different kinds, using social media, new mobile app solutions, reach-out programmes, awareness campaigns, community events, student services, free legal counselling and aids, skill-based training and development, job fairs and talent shows.

Associating with Ontario Heroes gives access to the members of this platform who are professionals from various walks of life. Ontario Heroes can be a source for idea management through its resource centre services. Periodical get-togethers and community-based events make many come under this professionally run platform.

Preceding the Heroes Fest 2022, a kick off event took place and the event gathered massive success. The kick off event was inaugurated by Hon’ble MP Deepak Anand. Several members of diverse communities also took part in the event.

To be a part of this uber resourceful event which starts at 1 pm & extends to 11 pm at John Paul II, Polish Cultural Centre, 4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1V8, click here & for further details, call: +1 905-897-3675

Also, do connect with them through their website, they need a lot of volunteers throughout the globe for their various community reach programmes and professional networking events.

The advantages of this volunteering get you tons of wisdom, experience and a bonanza of offers in different fields. Ontario Heroes aim to reach out to a million people and wants to have 100s of Self Help Groups from different parts of Canada by the year-end.

Why wait, visit their website to know more:

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