The stunning model Lakshmi Venu is all about poise & style

Ms Lakshmi_Venu
Ms Lakshmi_Venu

Toronto: An aspiring model from the Land of the God’s Own Country in India, Ms Lakshmi Venu carries herself with an impeccable poise of a model. She is clothed with a graceful attitude and stunning performances.  An Artist, acted in a few series of commercials and photoshoots, she is looking to work with Ace Photographers, fine artists, and modelling agencies at Canada in day s to come.

Ms Lakshmi Venu has started her modelling career early and her passion towards modelling budded since her school days.  Her unquenchable passion towards acting, modelling keeps motivating her to be enthusiastic in photography and fashion designing.  This has made her to be a consistent choice for many agencies to be their reliant professional known for timing and well nurtured behaviour on the sets.

Has walked and ramped scores of runways with poise for clients, she is well known for fostering relationships with agency customers to promote their products and services with soulful strings.

A persuasive negotiator with great command on communication and collaboration.  Her friendly and easy going interpersonal skills with much listening, less interfering are the big plus for her successful career so far.  A typical runway turner with unique look and features, Ms Laksh Venu is surely a cynosure to the eyes to behold. 

With all exuberance with so much aura and positivity, she understands what it takes to become a super model and be a successful in the super competitive profession.  She believes in hard work with determination, ability to grasp and follow the directions swiftly, efficiently to pose, ramp and get into the imagination of the creative heads with finesse.

She is looking to have new assignments in modelling work, detail oriented shoots, beautify shoots, conventional commercial and editorial shoots.   

To know more of her versatility and her super-hot unique looks, she runs her that talks more about her looks, features, portfolios, interests and her contacts.

On her personal front, she is a beautiful mother of two sons and an adorable wife to Kiran.

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