Lekshmi Nair: Bridging Artistry and Architecture

Lekshmi Nair seamlessly blends precision in architecture with the grace of classical Bharatanatyam. From the fashion capital Mumbai origins to academic excellence, she wove a diverse journey. Beginning her dance odyssey at Meenakshi KalaShetra from a very young age , she excelled not only academically but also culturally, actively participating in various Bharatanatyam performances.

Lekshmi Nair’s Journey

Her journey unfolds like a vibrant tapestry, As an architect by profession, Lekshmi not only crafts blueprints but also dances through the intricate choreography of design. Showcasing her artistic side and did various kathak dance ballet performance . Holding not just one, but two master’s degrees, she ventured into the professional realm as an associate architect and also worked as a set designer for various tv shows in Bollywood .And as if that weren’t enough, she steps into the enchanting realm of cosplay at Mumbai Comicon, adding a dash of creative flair to her already multifaceted persona. She was also a part of Mumbai youtube channel name funcho entertainment.

Her Canadian journey, starting in 2021, led her to North Eastern University for project management studies in construction. As a project coordinator, she contributes her architectural acumen to diverse projects. Beyond architecture, her passion for dance flourishes in the Canadian Media Club’s flash mob events, bringing Molly wood glamour to Canada’s streets.


Her versatility extends to short films, where Lekshmi takes on the role of an art director, contributing to projects like “Home Made,” “Kanghaloga,” and the music album “kold South.” She steps into the spotlight as an actor in the short film “Avlum Avanum,” showcasing her commitment to every aspect of filmmaking.

Pillar of strength — her family

Behind her achievements stands a pillar of strength — her family. KrishnaKumar Nair, her father, serves as a senior section engineer at Railways. Her mother, Mini Nair, is a dedicated homemaker, and her brother, Akshay nair, holds the position of Deputy risk Manager in a finance firm.

As she envisions a future marked by continued architectural innovations and an expanding influence in the entertainment industry, Lekshmi Nair stands as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the seamless integration of artistry, architecture, sports, and creative enchantment. Her journey is an invitation to witness a symphony of talent, a celebration of cultural diversity, and a story waiting to unfold in the chapters yet to be written. Follow Lekshmi Nair at Instagram for more updates.

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