Manitoba PNP program- The complete guide


Do you want to be associated with Manitoba or look forward to being its permanent resident? Then, the Manitoba PNP program is your one-stop destination. It is the easiest path to immigrate to Manitoba for whatever reason. 

Now that you might question whether PR is easy in Canada. Manitoba immigration process, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has certain conditions and eligibility requirements you must fulfil to gain a PR for Manitoba, Canada. Hence, let us walk through a discussion on what Manitoba immigration provincial program has to offer.

What is the Manitoba PNP program?

The Manitoba PNP program is a permanent resident program for the Manitoba province of Canada. It originated in 1998 as the first immigration program for Canada. Since then, it has successfully provided numerous immigrants with a chance for permanent residence in Canada.

It contributes highly to Manitoba’s labour force, economic growth, and population by retaining the provincial nominees for immigration by 90 per cent. The Manitoba immigration provincial program offers PR under various streams and allows candidates to immigrate if they happen to have friends and relatives in Manitoba.

There is also a provision for students who can gain PR if they have been a part of any educational institute in Canada. One can either apply for base or enhanced streams. Enhanced streams work along with the Express Entry system, while the base streams do not.

The candidates get scored based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in the online assessment they appear for. The top scorers receive an invitation for PR for Manitoba, Canada. Candidates receiving invitations through base streams can directly apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence.

What are the streams included in the Manitoba PNP program?

The Manitoba PNP program has three streams to offer permanent residence in Manitoba, Canada. These are the Skilled worker immigration stream, Business Investor Immigration, and Modern Community Driven Immigration Initiatives.

Under each stream, the candidates must abide by the Manitoba PNP program requirements. 

Skilled worker Immigration stream

The skilled worker immigration stream provides two pathways, the Skilled worker in Manitoba Category and the Skilled worker overseas category.

A skilled worker in Manitoba


  • Be an international student graduate or a qualified temporary foreign worker.
  • Acquire a permanent full-time employment offer from an employer in Manitoba and must have worked for them for at least six months.
  • Have a Work permit or post-graduation work permit from IRCC.
  • Have a settlement plan and sufficient settlement funds to be a permanent resident of Manitoba.
  • Must be qualified for the position with full proficiency in the language required for the job.
  1. Skilled worker overseas
  • Must have scored at least 60 out of 100 on the assessment.
  • Have a strong, established connection with Manitoba province through friends, relatives, education, employment, or MPNP invitation.

Business Investor Immigration stream


  • Possess a personal net worth of at least CAD 350,000.
  • Be an eligible business investor in Manitoba.
  • Have full language proficiency in English and French.
  • Have a minimum score of 60 in the online assessment, i.e., Adaptability Assessment Matrix.
  • Have a business management experience of at least five years or business ownership of at least three years.
  • Qualify for an interview with the MPNP-B officer.
  • Have a settlement plan and sufficient funds to be a PR of Manitoba.

Modern community Driven Immigration Initiative


  • Lie within the age range of 21-45 years.
  • Not connected to any other part of Canada by any relation.
  • Hold a full-time work experience of at least two years within the last five years.
  • Hold a diploma, certificate, or degree for a training program or post-secondary education lasting at least one year.
  • Have scored at least five in each band of the General IELTS test.
  • Have a modern settlement plan and funds to be a PR in Manitoba.

How to apply for the Manitoba PNP program?

  • Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Complete a series of questions online.
  • Get a score based on the answers.
  • Based on the score, receive an invitation for MPNP application.
  • Based on the application, receive a provincial nomination for Manitoba.
  • Make a second application to the Canadian Federal Government to acquire permanent residency.


The Manitoba PNP program is a great way to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada. It acquires permanent residents through various pathways under different streams. However, the candidate must fulfil the minimum requirements for each stream to receive an invitation for PR in Manitoba, Canada.


Do all streams under the Manitoba PNP program require a job offer?

No, only the candidates applying for Graduate Internship Pathway need a job offer.

How much time does the Manitoba PNP program consume?

The program consumes at least six months.

What connections can help a candidate secure PR in Manitoba?

A candidate can secure PR in Manitoba if they have an employer, friend, relative, PR invitation or education in Manitoba, Canada.

Which program is included in the Express Entry?

Skilled workers overseas stream necessarily require an Express entry while others do not.

Can one migrate to Manitoba only through a connection?

Yes, if the candidate applies for Manitoba Business Investor Stream or Modern Community Driven Immigration Initiative.

For more PNP-related articles, please visit Swagatham Canada’s provincial nominee’s section.

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