A journey from dreams to glory: Bismi Mathew

Bismi Mathew

Have you, too, thought of following your passion for your job? Well, you definitely would have like Bismi Mathew did! 

In this age of growing social media usage and influencers influencing the commoners, you would have gone through a reel where they motivate you to follow your passion and do what you love, haven’t they? Easy as it might sound, it takes courage and determination to chase one’s dreams amid numerous hurdles of life, step out of one’s comfort zone and make it to the sky and beyond, and be the best version of yourself. So here’s one such story of Bismi Mathew, who followed her passion for designing, which might inspire you to follow your passion too.

A little introduction of our Entrepreneur.

Bismi Mathew grew up in a town named Muvattupuzha in Kerala and studied there for higher studies in the field of Nursing and moved to Canada in 2015. She worked hard and completed her studies to become a registered nurse finally. She now works at St. Joseph’s Hospital, London. 

If you’re passionate enough, you’ll succeed.

From a young age, she had a passion for stitching and used to stitch dresses for her family and close friends. And why would one not like to have an extra income, so she too thought of starting a business of dresses, where she tailors beautiful dresses for various occasions in early 2019. 

Gaining popularity on social media and increasing reach.

While all this was happening and increased the use of social media, she thought of starting the business online. So she went online on Instagram and Facebook and posted some pictures and videos of the dresses she made, and with this, she reached many users interested in her work. 

She takes the measurements via a video call and notes the customer’s requirements and customisation. After the measurement, she designs the dresses as a drawing and shows it to her customer, who then suggests the changes based on her liking. After the customer fixes the design, the colour combination is given to the dresses. Here she tries out various colours and presents them, and after final confirmation, the dresses are ready to be made. After the dresses are done, they are ready to be shipped to their owners.

She deals in various garments based on Kerala clothes. She currently supplies garments which include Kurthees, Sarees, Mother Daughter Combo, Batisam Sets and Indian Party wear. Bismi ships her clothes all around the USA and Canada as her maximum customers are from those locations. 

It feels so confident and proud when you have your family as your supporters.

On the brighter side, it feels much better when people support us on our journey. Her husband, Ligu Elias, who has been very supportive throughout her journey, even when the business went online. The plus point is he’s from the logistics profession. It helps her a lot in packaging and shipping the clothes professionally. She also has a cute little daughter named Hazel Serah, who is now two years old. And she, too, supports her mum.

How can we support Bismi Mathew?

A rare talent like Bismi must soar to great heights. So if you have any relatives in the US or Canada, they should contact Bismi and support her in her entrepreneurial journey. You can check out her Instagram profile for her beautiful works. And you can also find the contact link in her bio. 

You can also support her by sharing the posts of her dresses with your friends and also to influencers you know which would help Bismi gain customers. It will help more people get to know about her Online store. 


We hope that this story of Bismi has inspired you to start your journey following your passion. The more passionate you are, the more successful you will be. That is what drives you even in tough time. All it takes is to believe in your skills and motive and keep moving. Just don’t lose hope, and keep going with whatever resources you have and whatever skill you’ve acquired.

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